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"This course gave me a whole new outlook on my future as a manager."
Pat O'D., Manager


"The best, most interesting and down-to-earth conference I've ever attended."
Liz H., Manager


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Transforming your Team

Whether you are a multinational organization, a family-owned business or a government agency, the most essential ingredient to your success is the people who work together to make your organization run efficiently and profitably.

Using programs designed from working with businesses throughout the US and Canada, High-Gear works with top trainers to deliver top quality programs. Each of High-Gear's programs are interlocked so that your staff can advance themselves at their pace, retain their learning, and decrease your training costs.

Click on these titles to learn more about High-Gear's most popular programs:

The Selling Edge
Complete Sales Training Program

Attitude Rocks!
Dynamite Customer Service Training

Top Workshop Topics

High-Gear's programs and workshops are designed to introduce your staff to new, more successful skills and behaviors that increase individual awareness and effectiveness, and improve productivity.

Each program can be customized and personalized to match your specific needs.

Did you know ...

  • Our short term memory effectively handles only 5 to 7 items at a time?
  • 68% of customer complaints stem from perceived slights that your staff were unaware they were committing?
  • 80% of the information contained in training is lost within a couple of weeks unless ... your trainer understands memory ties?
  • 15% of our success comes from technical skill, the rest is from our ability to deal effectively with other people.

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