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Peak Performers Understand the Power of Coaching

Success Coaching is an innovative and highly personalized approach to building your future success. A skill and behavior-based program, Success Coaching gives you the tools, information and focus to reach your goals.

When you need to optimize your performance, use ...

Success Coaching!

Success Coaching is for those who want to perform at their peak:

Business Owners
Sales Professionals
Career Changers/Shifters

Success Coaching will use proven success strategies to help you:

  • Understand your behavioral approach to life, business and career
  • Short-circuit negative thinking
  • Identify and build on your strengths, talents and experience
  • Overcome anxieties and fears about your future
  • Build your Strategic Business/Personal/Professional Plan
  • Create focus and learn your personal motivators
  • See how others see you when you star on-camera
  • Identify your blind spots and obstacles
  • Develop your:
    • Language and communication effectiveness
    • Presentation and Public Speaking skills
    • Interviewing skills
    • Marketing skills to increase your business
    • Sales skills (often the most under-valued skill by the entrepreneur)
    • Strategic Networking skills to build strategic relationships

Success Coaching is available both by phone or in-office.

Terri Harley

Founder of High-Gear Training Institute and Success Builders USA Inc, Terri is a Certified Corporate Coach, marketing mentor, sales and interview coach, keynote speaker and corporate sales/customer service trainer. Terri is a graduate of Corporate Coach U, is a member of the Coachville Group, and has trained in neuro-linguistic programming.

Growing up in a family of Irish entrepreneurs, Terri has started, built and sold successful businesses in both the US and Europe. As a business advisor and instructor with the Business Development Center for 5 years, Terri has worked with a large number of business owners and the many aspects of their business and professional growth.

Terri will use her broad background to show you how to look at life and business from an interesting and different perspective.

Contact her at 253 683-2248 or at  

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