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One-day Workshop
Ideal for business owners and sales/marketing staff:

The Power of Direct Networking
For many businesses, networking is often an unfocused, haphazard and unsuccessful time-waster.

In today's marketplace it is not enough to simply attend all networking functions hoping that crumbs of business will fall onto your lap. Networking is expensive, time consuming and exhausting work. . . far too costly not to have a maximum return on time invested.

This half-day workshop is the ideal way to introduce business owners and sales/marketing staff to the intricacies of direct, strategic networking.

Benefits for Participants

  • Develop confidence and competence in seeking, approaching and building networking relationships
  • Skill in presenting yourself
  • Learning who your target prospects are
  • Develop more focused target networking plan
  • Stop wasting time and start making money with focused lead generation
Benefits to Organization

  • Networking staff will become more focused in attempts to reach appropriate groups and individuals.
  • Generate more specific leads
  • Create a more focused approach to networking
  • Increase selling opportunities through stronger networking relationships
How Participants Learn

The Power of Direct Networking workshop combines assessment, coaching, feedback and a hands-on approach to build participant's confidence and competence.

This program allows participants to begin building their new networking introduction and presentation immediately.

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