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Top Sales Producers Understand Themselves ... and their Prospects!

The Selling Edge Sales Training Program has been designed to improve sales performance and develop long-lasting, profitable relationships with customers.

Through this program sales professionals in face-to-face selling environments learn how to adopt a consultative selling approach and become more than just another salesperson to your clients.

In today's competitive climate, it is crucial to have top-level selling skills. But skills are not enough! Today's customer expects much more than a sales pitch. They want trust, sincerity and focus. They want to feel important, and want to feel that your attitude, beliefs and values are in line with theirs.

The Selling Edge delivers not only the selling skills; it also helps you identify conflict, limiting beliefs and the avoidable stress that gets in the way of your success.

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by communicating the value of your organization's offerings.
  • Understand what it means to be a successful sales professional in today's competitive marketplace.
  • Plan for and open interactions with clients that stimulate interest and begin the rapport-building process.
  • Engage clients in a "Need-Based" dialogue and accurately discover a client's full range of needs.
  • Present a compelling solution that meets the client's needs.
  • Learn when and how to move the sales process forward and gain client commitment.
  • Learn an effective process to handle objections from clients.

At High-Gear Training we spend time researching top salespeople who continuously burst through the benchmarks set for them, no matter how high.

The Selling Edge is an ongoing, customer needs-focused sales program designed to help you develop professional selling skills, form the behaviors of top producing salespeople and learn how to strengthen customer relationships.

If you are new to sales, we identify your natural style and build your strengths to help you be more successful, quickly.

We seek to decrease the high cost of the revolving 'new salespeople' door for both the employee and company.

Start Today:  Build Your wildly successful Sales Career!

  • Understand Your Natural Selling Style
  • Learn your Customer's Buying Style
  • Examine values, goals and limiting beliefs
  • Listen to Sell
  • Manage Multiple Priorities
  • Learn what your Voice and Body Language are saying to your prospect
  • Your most effective Business Image
  • Lose the Blues in Cold-Calls - by phone and in person
  • Learn Questioning Techniques
  • Understand the need for control with assertive communication
  • Eliminate the aggression from your language to build relationships
  • Learn techniques to build your strategic networking circle
  • What's your generation, which generation are you working with, and why should you care?
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell to enhance customer satisfaction

Seven-Step Selling System

The Selling Edge has seven easily remembered steps designed to keep the salesperson on track:

  1. Plan:  Develop the plan before taking the actions
  2. Open the Call:  If you fail to open correctly, they will fail to buy
  3. Determine Needs:  Learn to engage with a needs-based dialogue, and identify the full range of the customer's needs
  4. Presenting:  Understand the skills of presenting solutions to the needs of your customer:
    • Investigate the difference between "needs-based" versus "product-based" selling
    • Explore ways to link the features to benefits
    • Learn the skill of reverse questioning
  5. Concerns & Objections:  Here we will explore the different types of objections and concerns that your customer is likely to raise and
    • Prove claims and remove roadblocks
    • Learn to keep the customer 'comfortable' and continue buying
    • Resolve objections in 3 easy steps
  6. Commitment to Close:
    • Establish trust with specific questions
    • Recognize when the customer is ready to move forward
    • Ask for the business
    • Complete the action that leads to a buying decision
  7. Servicing:
    • Learn how to continue to build the connection that can lead to increased sales through up-selling and cross-sales
    • Turn each customer into your business advocate

Your Sales Staff will receive a system focused around:

  • Relationship-based, needs-focused selling
  • Selling and Buying Styles
  • Follow-up coaching
  • Understanding the dynamics that impact attitudes, selling and success
  • Managerial coaching for professional growth

The Basic Laws of Selling

  • Selling is the mutual exchange of value.
  • Developing trust and rapport precedes any selling activity.
  • Selling isnít something you do to people; itís something you do for and with them.
  • Understanding people's wants and needs should precede your attempt to sell.
  • Long-term sales success begins with truth, sincerity and honesty.
  • Sincerity creates more sales than technique or strategy.
  • Selling pressure should be exerted only by the prospect.
  • Closing should be a winning situation for both the salesperson and customer.

Develop Your Selling Edge!
Increase sales - today!
Skill, Confidence, Technique and Attitude

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